Machines for Making Various Wire Mesh
Scientifically and delicately designed wire mesh machines supplied by Arch yield wire mesh woven, welded, fabricated, twisted and chain linked. In square opening, diamond opening to decorative patterns. Arch machines are applied in production of woven wire mesh, welded mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, fiberglass mesh, barbed wire, razor wire and much more. Also equipment for treating wire like wire galvanizing, wire drawing, etc. Finished products can meet the quality of our National Standard and international standard. Arch also supplies necessaries parts and accessories for the machines, for example, wire winding and coiling machine for hexagonal wire netting. Custom orders can be discussed to meet the specific requirement for roll width, wire diameter, mesh opening and other technical data. Browse now and build your own plants with less cost.
  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weaving Machine
For making stainless steel wire mesh
  Wire Weaving Looms
Looms for weaving of wire mesh and wire cloth.
  Expanded Metal Machine
For making expanded metal. Expanding machine and accessories.
  Wire Mesh Welding Machine
For making of welded wire mesh in various sizes.
  Mesh Panel Welding Machine
For welding of reinforcement mesh panels.
  Wire Drawing Machine
Machine for drawing of iron wire.
  Wire Galvanizing Machine
For galvanizing and zinc coating of steel wire.
  Barbed Wire Machine
For production of barbed wire with different blade sizes.
  Razor Wire Machine
For making of razor wire and concertina coil mesh.
  Square Wire Mesh Weaving Machine
For making of square wire mesh insect screening.
  Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
For making of hexagonal mesh and chicken netting.
  Chain Link Fence Machine
For making of diamond opening chain link fences.
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