Get fine quality filter media from WIREMESH.net. Chiefly woven wire in stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze and alloys, and specially knitted wire mesh for industrial filters. Also wire mesh filters of various types and micron opening.
Common Woven Wire Mesh for Filtration:
Metallic Wire Fabrics and Meshes for Industrial Use
  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Take a look at the precisely woven wire mesh from coarse to micron openings.
  Brass Wire Mesh
Brass and copper wire woven wire cloth for porcelain, glass and other industries.
  Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh
Available from 6mesh to 500 mesh at wire diameter ranging from 0.711mm to 0.025mm.
  Galvanized Square Opening Mesh
Plain woven square opening galvanized meshes for an extensive industrial uses.
  Aluminum Mesh
Light and more beautiful compared with galvanized wire mesh. As fences, window guards, etc.
  Industrial Wire Cloth
Fine woven wire cloth for filter and other industrial uses. Typical Dutch Plain, Twill and Reverse.
  Five Heddle Woven Wire Cloth
Industrial wire cloth filter belt with a width of 180+0/-2mm.
  Micron Wire Mesh Screen
Micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen Used as Printing Screen and Filtering Cloth
Monel 400 Alloy Wire Mesh   Monel Wire Mesh
Arch offers Monel alloy wire mesh from 2 mesh to 200 mesh.
  Inconel Alloy Wire Mesh
Arch offers Inconel Alloy Wire Mesh.
Nickel Wire Woven Mesh Screen   Nickel Wire Mesh
Nickel wire mesh can be divided into woven and knitted type.
Dutch Wire Mesh   Dutch Plain, Twill & Reverse Woven Filter Wire Mesh
Materials of Mesh is divided into Type 302, Type 304, Type 304 L, Type 316 and Type 316 L.
Electric Heating Resistant Nickel Alloy Wire   Nickel Alloy Wire & Wire Mesh
Arch supplies corrosion resistant nickel based alloy wires and woven mesh cloth.
Electric Heating Resistant Alloy Wire   Nickel Chromium Alloy Wire & Mesh Cloth
Main chemical composition of nickel-chromium wire is nickel and chromium.
Knitted Wire Mesh for Industrial Filter:
Knitted Wire Mesh and Filters Meeting a Wide Range of Industrial Applications
  Knitted Wire Meshes
Special processing method makes a beautiful and decorative linking arches interwoven by the folds of the wire.
  Demister Pad: Gas high speed demister
Demisters for filter of thick liquids, big particles; general use demisters; High efficient demisters; for distillation, etc.
To separate in the most efficient manner the very fine drops carried away by a gas or steam.
  Stainless Steel or Monel Wire Mesh Demister Filter
Braid Knitted Net in Stainless Steel or Nickel Alloy Monel forming porous filter pads. Also called demisters, mist eliminators or evaporators.
Wire Mesh Filters:
Filter elements and components made of industrial wire cloth.
  Wire Mesh Belts & Pieces
Cutting and slitting service of wire mesh into different shapes and sizes.
  Filter Discs
Single layer wire mesh discs or multi-layer discs welded together.
  Pack Filter
Also called leaf filters. For chemical fiber and water treatment.
  Pleated Candle Filter Element
Wave type pleated wire mesh media allows enlarged filtration areas.
  Pipe Filter Element
Pipe type filter element made of sintered metal wire mesh laminates.
  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Strainers
Mainly tea strainers and sink strainers.
  Sintered Wire Mesh Filter
Made of sintered wire mesh allowing different filtration ratings.
  Wire Cloth Filter Tubes
Tube filters made of wire cloth in stainless steel or other metals.
  Mild Steel Wire Mesh
Supplied in rolls or cut to filter discs.
  Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh
multi-layer bonding wire mesh laminated sheet made through vacuum sintering process.
  Wire Mesh Screen Discs
Wire Mesh Screen Discs, Filter Disks, Pack Screen, Wire Cloth Filter Elements
  Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter
SS Woven Wire Mesh Cloth and Laser Cut Stainless Steel Screen Double Layer Filter Cones for Coffee Brewing.
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