Wire Mesh For Printing: Paper-Making Screen / Polyester Screen for Printing
Polyester mesh as a kind of synthetic screen fabric offers complete different properties compared with metal wire fabrics. It is popularly used in silk printing, it also becomes major substitute materials for metal wire meshes in paper-making processes such as pulp drying belt, forming and bolting. Polyester mesh is now finding new fields of application with its unique function and weaving methods. Polyester screen is processed by employing the superior quality high viscosity polyester fiber after forming, weaving, arranging and modeling.
  Polyester Spiral Screen
Spiral type weaving. A variety of free shrinking, breaking, elongation, tolerance is available.
Widely used in producing of paper, also in filtration and sieving in various fields.
  Sludge Dewatering Mesh Belt
Specially for waste water treatment systems. Excellent permeation of air and water while keeping out the sludge.
  Polyester Dryer Fabric
For drying process in paper-making. Made of round or flat threads.
  Polyester Forming Screen Fabric
Polyester forming fabric can be single layer fabric, double layer fabric, two and a half layer fabric and three layer fabric.
  Polyester Bolting Cloth
Polyester monofilament mesh is used in filtration as bolting cloth.
  Polyester Printing Screen
Polyester monofilament mesh for silk printing processes.

Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester mesh is commonly used as silk printing fabric.
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