Wires: Galvanized / Annealed / Stainless Steel / PVC Coated
Industrial wire is carefully made and treated in Arch. Every process in Arch is inspected and carefully under control. Drawing, galvanizing, annealing, straightening and cutting, redrawing, zinc plating and plastic coating make the major processes for wire treatment. Arch supplies wires in coils, bundles, spools made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum and carbon steel materials. Finishes can be electro galvanizing, hot dipped zinc coating, copper coating, nylon coating, stainless steel or plain. Arch has big packages for fencing wire and industrial wires and small coil or spool packages for binding, garden tying and daily uses. Wire can be straightened and cut into certain sizes or types, such as U type, loop tie wire or rebar ties for easy uses. Go deep and choose the wire meeting your requirement.
  Galvanized Steel Wire
Made of carbon steel. High carbon or high tensile strength. Electro or heavy zinc coated.
  Zinc Coated Wire
Zinc coating assured by hot dipped processing. Better property and corrosion resistance.
  Black Annealed Wire
More flexible and soft after being oxygen free annealing process. Bright or black annealed.
  Galvanized Fencing Wire
Galvanized wire for binding and strengthening of fences.
  Binding Wire
Galvanized or annealed wire. For binding in construction and other uses.
  Stitching Wire
Flat or round galvanized wire or copper coated. For book binding and stitching.
  Loop Tie Wire
Tie wire with loops that can easily tie the small articles quickly and conveniently.
  Garden Tying Wire
Tying wire for support of plants or flowers in gardens.
  Stainless Steel Wire
Stainless steel fine wire for textile fibre or weaving of stainless steel wire mesh.
  Brass Wire
Brass or copper wire. For specific uses or weaving of wire cloth fabrics
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