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Demister Pads of Monel and Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh

Demister Filter Pads processed from Knit Mesh in Stainless Steel 304, 316L and Nickel Alloys  Monel, Inconel, etc. Applied to a wide range of the vessel models and various housing dimensions.

Technical Info from Arch

Support Grid & Sectional Design: The demister filters with rigid support grids allow direct installation onto appropriate supports such as beams and rings within the vessel. Sectional installation allows ease of handling and access through vessel.

Customer specifications in regard to density and filtration rating: Demister Pad Type Mist Eliminators can be produced in varied degrees of density with 99.99% Efficiency. The filter pads are essentially porous mesh blankets designed and constructed to efficiently separate mist particles.

Popular Vessel Diameter Applied: Vessel diameter 2500 I.D, 3100 I.D, 36 inch ID, etc.

Mesh Pad type Mist Eliminator features high separation efficiency, increased capacity, reducing the loss of valuable chemicals, preventing air pollution.

How Does Demisters Work 
When the air with mist rises up at certain speeds and gets through wire mesh, mist will collide with wire and will be attached on the surface of wire in the effect of rising inertia. The dispersion and sedimentation makes mist form bigger and bigger drops until it is heavier than the combined forces of gas rising force and liquids surface tensile and wires capillarity. Therefore, liquid drop will be separated and fall off from wire. Mist is essentially eliminated after gas gets through wire mesh demister.

Stainless Steel Mesh Demister Pads
In square or round pad/panel filter forms.

W Type Vane Pack Demister Pad

SS 304 Mesh Demister Pads to USA
Filter Media: Stainless Steel Mesh, Knitted / Braided
Material: SS 304
Diameter: 58mmx 75mm long
Density: 160kg/m3
Surface Area: 320m2/m3
Shape: Flat round pad

Stainless Steel Mesh Square Filter Panels

Stainless Steel Demisters, for separating the bubble with diameter of over 3-5um in the air.
Type: Air Filter
Shape: Square Sectional Panels
Grid: With support grid
Material: 304, or 316 SS Mesh, Spiral Knit

Filter Media: Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh Sock
Material: SS316L, SS304, 302, AISI309 or 321, also 410 430, Monel, Inconel and other alloys.
Wires: Flat Wire or Crimped Wire
Wire Diameter: 0.20mm-0.28mm generally.
Weaving: Knitted or braided in spiral mesh.

 Stainless Steel Wire Braided Crimped Mesh

Layflat Knit Mesh Socks 
Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Wire Forms: Crimped Mesh, with crimp depth 4.4mm
Wire Diameter: 0.28 mm
Width: 50mm or 150mm

MONEL A400 or Stainless Steel 316L Demister Pads for Evaporators

Monel Demister Pads with Grids and Support Bar

Demister Filter Pads for Turkey

Wire Material: Monel A400 and (or option) SS 316L
Grids: Material DUPLEX ASTM A276 UNS S31803 and (or option) SS 316L

Pad, demister pads, density: 150kg/m3, free volume: 98.3%, surface area: 267.5m2/, wire diameter: 0.254mm
Pad material: MONEL A400(0.0254) or SS316L
Structure: Grids, frame work: round bar, dia. 6mm, the top and bottom grids are tied together with spacer rod 6mm round bar.

Popular Sizes in mm:
SIZE: 1237 X 520 X 120
SIZE: 1268 X 520 X 120 
SIZE 1222 X 260  X 120
SIZE 1237 X 308.5 X 120 
SIZE 1237 X 568.5 X 120 
SIZE 1238 X 260 X 120 
SIZE 1268 X 308.5 X 120 
SIZE 1268 X 568.5 X 120 
SIZE 1237 X 358.5 X 120 
SIZE 1237 X 309.25  X 120 
SIZE 1268 X 358.5 X 120 
SIZE 1268 X 309.25 X 120 
SIZE 1222 X 26 0 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 358.5 X 100
SIZE 1237 X 309.25 X 100 
SIZE 1238 X 260 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 358.5 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 309.25 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 383.5 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 383.5 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 321.75 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 321.75 X 100
SIZE 1237 X 448.5 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 448. 5 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 354.25 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 354.25 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 508.5 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 508.5 X 100
SIZE 1237 X 384.25 X 100 
SIZE 1268 X 384.25 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 533.5 X 100
SIZE 1268 X 533.5 X 100 
SIZE 1237 X 396.75 X 100
SIZE 1268 X 396.75 X 100 

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