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Poultry Wire Fence

We supply rabbit netting, chicken netting and other poultry wire fencing products.

Arch poultry netting is made of hexagonal mesh of four types:
1.Galvanized Hexagonal Iron Wire netting
2.Plastic-Coated Hexagonal Wire netting
3.Stainless steel hexagonal wire netting
4.Heavy hexagonal wire netting

Use: Hex. wire mesh poultry netting is mainly used for fencing of rabbits and chicken, ducks and other livestock. It can also be extensively used as pipe wrapping in petroleum and chemical industry, used for construction, residential windows, garden fences as well as fence for fish pools, poultry farms and zoos.

Material: Low carbon wire, electro galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, PVC coated wire and stainless steel wire

Mesh size:1/2", 3/4", 3/8", 5/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 5", 7-1/2", 10"

Twist style: Normal twist  and reverse twist

Technique: Gal. after weaving and gal. before weaving

1)corrosion-resisting, rust-resisting
2)oxidation-resisting, good tensile strength  
3)uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly 
4)galvanized/PVC coated for longer life, low cost 
5)easy to handle and cut

Regular sizes for Common Hexagonal Wire Mesh Poultry Wire Fences:

aperture (inch) Wired Gage BWG Size(foot)
1" 19# 3'x100'
1" 20# 3'x100'
1" 21# 3'x100'
1" 22# 3'x100'
1" 23# 3'x100'
1 1/4" 19# 3'x100'
1 1/4" 20# 3'x100'
1 1/4" 21# 3'x100'
1 1/4" 22# 3'x100'
1 1/2" 18# 3'x100'
1 1/2" 19# 3'x100'
1 1/2" 20# 3'x100'
1 1/2" 21# 3'x100'
1 1/2" 22# 3'x100'
2" 18# 3'x100'
2" 19# 3'x100'
2" 20# 3'x100'
2" 21# 3'x100'
2" 22# 3'x100'

Arch also supplies heavy hexagonal mesh poultry netting, also called big type hexagonal mesh. Heavy poultry netting enjoys wide applications. It can be made into gabion boxes used in control and guide of water or flood, flood bank or guiding bank, preventing of rock breaking, water and soil protection, bridge protection, strengthening structure of soil, protection engineering of seaside area, seaport engineering, isolation walls, protection of road, etc.

Classification of Heavy Poultry Wire Mesh:
1)Hot dipped galvanized hexagonal mesh poultry wire(Hot dipped galvanizing after weaving or before weaving)
2)Electro galvanized heavy poultry mesh(Hot dipped galvanizing after weaving or before weaving)
3)PVC coated heavy hexagonal mesh
4)Stainless steel heavy hexagonal mesh

Uses of Heavy Poultry Wire:  It is extensively used in industrial and agricultural constructions as reinforcement and fencing. It is also used as Fence for Poultry Cage, Fishing, Garden and Children playground, etc

Packing: Water proof paper packed for each roll.

Regular sizes for Heavy Poultry Wire Mesh:

Mesh size
Wire diameter
PVC coated wire netting
Inside dia./outside dia.(mm)
Roll width
60X80 f2.0-2.8 2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 4.3
80X100 f2.2-3.2 2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0 4.3
80X120 f2.2-3.2 2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0 4.3
100X120 f2.4-3.5 2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2 4.3
100X150 f2.4-3.5 2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2 4.3
120X150 f2.7-4.0 2.7/3.7-3.5/4.5 4.3

Poultry Wire Fence with PVC Coating
Poultry Wire Fence with PVC Coating

Illustration of Twisting Styles of Poultry Netting

Hexagonal Mesh used for Poultry Wire, Machine Weaving ProcessingHexagonal Mesh used for Poultry Wire, Machine Weaving Processing


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